Ruby and Jared (The Ruby and Jared Saga Book 3)




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Author Eliza Ankum has done what few writers of Historic Fiction can – brought her star-crossed lovers from her best-selling Civil War romantic epics, Ruby Sanders and Jared Anderson into the 21st Century with a well-crafted Contemporary Women’s fiction novel 

Ruby and Jared jumps ahead decades to the here and now, when all colors of love are possible.

But when your heart is broken, it’s difficult to love.

Ruby Sanders Williams is an out of work financial journalist who thinks that by scoring the most coveted story of the century – Jared Anderson’s defection from Crawford & Anderson Mining – she can redeem herself and get her job back after a very public and disastrous breakup with her boyfriend, Derek, who also happens to be her boss.

So, Ruby is determined to find out why Jared Anderson, a multi-millionaire, married to one of the most celebrated beauties in the world, walked away from the company built by his great, great, great, great grandfather, Jared Anderson, on land stolen from Ruby’s family.

A grieving husband, Jared Anderson is finally on the road to recovery after suffering the bitterest of betrayals by two people he thought he knew and could trust.

Living a lonely and guarded life with his son, Lucas, can Jared learn to love and trust again? Will he allow Ruby into his inner circle? And what, after all these years, does he have planned for the man who betrayed him?
Will these two star crossed lovers, resurrected from a time so long ago, finally find a true and lasting love and live happily ever after?

Ruby and Jared gives us hope that love can survive a multitude of hurts, betrayals, and even death


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