Dancing With The Fat Woman

ancing With the Fat Woman is a delightfully funny and musical take on 21st Century dating and relationships.

Carolyn Carter is a single woman looking for love and marriage. The only thing stopping her from finding both is Carolyn Carter!

Carolyn is a plus size beauty who’s looking for her Mr. Right. Problem is Carolyn is having trouble telling Mr. Right from Mr. Wrong. The man of her dreams, Bon Ton – a tall dark suburban L train conductor – gives Carolyn the ride of her life, but not in bed. And then there’s The Deacon, a man of short stature but tall on ego. And if these two aren’t enough, Carolyn finds herself involved with The Preacher – a Man of the Cloth – with just as many women chasing after him as the roguish Bon Ton.

Each of these Mr. Rights finds new and inventive ways of shredding Carolyn’s fragile self-esteem.

However, there is one man in Carolyn’s life that she can always count on, and that’s Taylor. But alas, Taylor is just a workplace friend.

Besides, Taylor is busy, involved in solving a brutal murder. The ‘who done it’ he knows. But it’s the ‘why’ that sends Taylor on a search through some of the swankiest and most sophisticated night clubs in Chicago.

Will Carolyn find her Mr. Right and will Taylor find the truth behind a wife’s brutal murder?


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