What Was The Most Difficult Thing About Writing Eleanor Grunsback?


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The most difficult thing about writing the book, was the intimacy that developed between Juan Carlos and Eleanor.

I knew that because she wasn’t the standard issue beautiful woman that the spasmodic sexual scenes you read in most romance books wouldn’t cut it here.

So, I needed to create a true and lasting relationship or  intimacy between the two of them.  I thought about it and thought about it before deciding to take inspiration from a book I’d read earlier, Kent Haruf’s, ‘Our Souls At Night.’

In his book, he has two people doing nothing more than lying in bed at night, talking.  Talking until they’re finally comfortable enough, with themselves and each other, to take off their clothes and have sex, or try and have sex.

So, that’s what I did in Eleanor Grunsback.

Why did you end the book the way you did?

Because Mexico gets such bad press, especially with our current administration.  I wanted to do something positive for them.  And it’s such a beautiful country.

But let me tell you this secret about the ending.

I have never cried so hard over writing something, and still do, as when Eleanor went back to that apartment.  The emotions it stirred in me were surprisingly overwhelming.  Here was a place she hated.  But after being deported, she would almost have given her life to get back to and when she did, she knew it was the wrong place to be.  Her time there was over!

Before, I go, I’d like to say, that one of my favorite thing about the book’s website was the food.   It’s probably nothing more than a coincidence, but I noticed that McDonald’s came out with their version of Churros!   Great!



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